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Mazel Tov!

To fully and richly celebrate this meaningful occasion, we believe that adults and children should share in the joy of this milestone. So we focus on entertaining everyone. We emphasize music, interaction and activities that enable young and old to truly enjoy each other.

Event Planners at Travesties Entertainment, Inc. design each Bar/Bat Mitzvah to convey the child’s interests and personality. Candlelighting, customized by specially selected music, becomes a most memorable ceremony. To put the focus where it belongs–on your child–we encourage (never force) the Guest of Honor to participate in costume sketches and dance routines. Based on your taste, we can produce a beautiful, reserved affair or an outrageous bash.
lifestyle of the family.

Most importantly, we respect the core of the occasion and do our best to create a celebration in a manner that best reflects the values and lifestyle of the family.

Showcase of Services:
Live Music
Interactive Entertainment
Thematic Decor